Product Code: VLOC-034-00002 (30-VR3)

V-LOC™ Anchor for Softer Soils

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Breakaway anchor for softer soil installations and heavier wind loads. Fits 3" or 4" OD round post, or 3" square post.

Signature Streetscapes Breakaway Anchors

V-Loc™ is the state of the art, reusable breakaway anchor, allowing you to replace posts literally in minutes. It anchors posts for signs, mailboxes and other applications. The V-Loc™ anchor socket can be installed in concrete, asphalt or dirt safely by one person in a matter of minutes either by hand or power driver. Once the V-Loc™ anchor is installed, you simply insert your post and drive in the patented wedge, locking the post into the anchor without the need for any additional hardware. V-Loc™ fins require no concrete in soil. It's simple, solid and safe. The only reusable, flush-to-the-ground breakaway anchor!

Breakaway Compliance

3” and 4” smooth aluminum poles with a 0.12” wall thickness are tested and approved by FHWA with no special adapter/breakaway device required.

Our fluted aluminum round and square aluminum poles have not been tested, but breakaway anchors are available for 3” and 4” diameter, and 3” and 4” square poles. Testing for these devices has only been completed using steel pole material, not aluminum. Installation instructions are available by email link to a YouTube video presentation. If there is any concern about using aluminum poles for your project, contacting a local traffic engineer for approval is highly recommended prior to purchasing these products.

Product Specs

VLOC-034-00002 (30-VR3)

  • Fits 3" OD, round posts
  • 36" leg length
  • Wedge included

VLOC-106782 (40-VR3)

  • Fits 4" OD, round posts
  • 36" leg length
  • Wedge included

VLOC-034-70000 (300-VS3)

  • Fits 3" square posts
  • 36" leg length
  • Wedge included