Post top mounting for street-blades. Powder-coated black and shown mounting two traffic blue reflective street-blades stacked perpendicular to one another.
Post top sign holder. Powder-coated black.
Small cross hardware. Used to stack street-blade perpendicular.
Small Signature Stack Kit
Small Signature Stack Kit
Post top sign holder shown assembled in neighborhood. Holding two black/white street-blades. Mounted to a fluted post.

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Small Signature Stack Kit

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Signature Stack (for small signs) includes 3-components: #3 Post Stacker (PS04), 2-Way Coupler (4W03), and choice of Ball (FT01) or Spike (FT02) finial, black finish, used for post top mounting of street sign blades.

Recommended for street-blade sizes: 16"-30" width.


Signature Streetscapes Street Sign Blades Post Top Mounting

Signature Stack recommended for smaller signs. All components are made from rust-free aluminum. Our “Signature” setup options allow for a variety of sign sizes.

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