Frequently Asked Questions


All our products are manufactured and ship from our facility in Muskegon Michigan. Although some of our products require outsourcing specific components to other manufacturers, for the most part everything you see on our website and in our catalogues is created by Signature Streetscapes. When you call our customer service department you will speak directly to a knowledgeable, friendly sales team that can assist you in answering any questions you may have about our product offering. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Check out our capabilities overview to learn more about our processes, facility & what we can do for you.

Homeowner’s Associations – Communities are often looking to distinguish themselves and add value to their properties by increasing curb appeal. More and more homeowner’s associations are turning to Signature Streetscapes to assist them with increasing their curb appeal. This is done by adding products such as decorative street signs, lamp posts, mailboxes, entrance signs, and address plaques.

Builders/Developers – When selling homes within a community it is very important to have continuity throughout the community. It is also important for builders to differentiate their homes by creating distinctive curb appeal. Signature Streetscapes helps builders and developers achieve this by providing decorative streetscape products such as lamp posts, street signs, entrance signage, directional signage, address plaques, and mailboxes that add value to the homes they build.

Property Management Companies – Property management companies always have communities that are wanting to replace their old/outdated entrance signs, directional signs, street signs, address plaques, street lights, and mailboxes. For these management companies to have a resource like Signature Streetscapes is invaluable. Signature Streetscapes can provide property management companies with a “one-stop shop” where they can get all the high-quality products needed to renovate their neighborhood and stay within their budget.

Architects – Because Signature Streetscapes has their own experienced graphic design team and extensive custom manufacturing capabilities, they are a valuable resource for architects when they are designing new high-end communities.

Municipalities – Cities, towns, and villages are always looking for ways to beautify their communities in an effort to attract more visitors to their area. This is where Signature Streetscapes comes in. Because of our diverse, upscale product line and custom capabilities we are able to provide municipalities with all the decorative outdoor furnishings they need to improve the look of their community.

We do not offer wholesale pricing. However, we do offer discounts based on overall volume of orders. If you are a sign company, reseller, or a builder/developer that is interested in partnering with Signature Streetscapes, we want to talk with you. Call or our sales department to learn more about how you can partner with our organization.


We specialize in custom decorative street and traffic signs for upscale communities. We also have capabilities to manufacture antique reproduction commercial and residential lighting solutions that enhance the natural surroundings. Signature Streetscapes has a full line of cast bronze and aluminum address plaques, mailboxes and wayfinding sign solutions to choose from. We manufacture and create a wide variety of both standard and custom designs to meet your needs. If we cannot make it for you, it has always been our goal to assist in finding a company that can service your needs.

Signature Streetscapes manufactures all our products from rust-free aluminum and cast bronze using only stainless steel fasteners. We do this to ensure that your mailbox, sign or light fixture will continue to perform and look great no matter what elements they are exposed to. Our facilities include an in-house foundry, multiple CNC machines, custom pattern making, metal fabrication & welding, finishing department, powder coating and design professionals that can help you with your purchase or to create new and unique product designs. Learn more about our capabilities.

This question can be answered best by examining the placement for the sign. If visibility is a concern, consult our reference area for information on recommended letter heights when viewed by motorists. It is also important to consider the space and environment your sign will be placed in. Certain sign materials will outperform others depending on the amount of exposure to the elements.

Call our friendly customer service department for assistance in recommending the material that will best serve your application while still meeting your budget. Sign design and content are limited only by the imagination. Provide us with an estimated size and shape, we will assist you in determining the best design layout including incorporating your special logo or characters with the design.

Signature Streetscapes manufactures signs from a variety of material including cast bronze, cast aluminum, High Density Urethane (HDU), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE – recycled plastic), fabricated aluminum and stainless steel. Each material has its own unique properties and advantages. We manufacture signs out of only the highest quality materials available on the market today to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase for many years to come.

Our capabilities include both wet-coat and powder coat finishes. Both types of coatings offer superior protection against corrosion in even the harshest of environments. Signature Streetscapes offers all of our products in a standard gloss black finish, with a dark green and bronze finish option available for a slightly higher price. We can also custom color match your sign or mailbox to your exact specifications for a small charge. Call us for information and pricing on available colors, color samples and swatches are available upon request.

There are many factors that will contribute to the longevity of your sign. The type of material the sign is made from will be the biggest factor. Other things to consider are the type of environment the sign will be installed in. Will it be placed in an interior or exterior location? What type of regular maintenance do you plan to perform on your sign if any? Is it likely that the sign will be damaged or vandalized where it is installed? Will the sign be exposed to standing water, dust and dirt or a salty air environment? When answering these questions, it is important to consider what material will work best for your application. Our customer service agents will be happy to assist you with determining the best material for your sign application, while still taking in account your budget requirements.

Signature Streetscapes offers high quality non-reflective and reflective vinyl for sign applications. OUr reflective vinyl options are HIP high intensity prismatic as well as the extremely reflective 3M DG Diamond Grade. Call us for a quotation if you require a vinyl type other than what is shown in our catalogue.

Many factors including, size, material, mounting and more determine this. Our customer service department can assist you in determining your needs and will furnish you with a quote. Because Signature Streetscapes is the manufacturer, we offer the lowest prices in the market. Additional discounts are available for bulk orders and authorized dealers of our product lines.


Depending on the style of the sign, we use a variety of mounting techniques. Signature Streetscapes also has the ability to design custom mounting solutions depending on the type of installation our customers require. All of the signs we manufacture are shipped with a detailed description on how we recommend each sign be installed. You can also download and view samples of our mounting styles in the “resources” area on the website.

All of our street, traffic and wayfinding signs are designed and manufactured to meet federal and MUTCD regulations. However, it is still important to check with your local municipality for any special requirements in your area.

Most municipalities require a sign permit before installation is approved. It is the responsibility of the buyer to acquire all necessary permits. In many communities, standard permits are available online, contact your local administrators for more information.


This question depends on your goals and what purpose your lighting will serve. Will the lights be used for automobile and pedestrian traffic or for decorative purposes? The landscape and environment also play a crucial role in determining light needs for a given area. Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in determining what will work best for your application. However, in certain cases it may be wise obtain a recommendation from a local lighting engineer.

Light poles can be installed in one of two ways. Signature Streetscapes offers both “Direct Burial” and “Surface Mount” installation poles and bases. You can view additional installation methods in the resources area on the website.

Signature Streetscapes offers a variety of decorative and add-on options for our decorative commercial lighting. Along with the luminaire and post & base combinations, we also offer decorative finials, light sensors and custom configurations. Call us today for more information on our lighting applications or to order individual replacement components for your existing light fixtures.


The first step is determining your needs. We will need to know the quantity of each item needed, along with and special instruction for customization and finishing. Signature Streetscapes will then provide you with a quotation that includes an estimated delivery cost. After receipt of a purchase order, we can then provide you with scale drawings for your signed approval. Once approval and payment terms have been agreed upon, we will furnish you an acknowledgement and delivery date for your order.

Signature Streetscapes has an in-house design team that can provide you with product rendering to go along with your quote. Provide us with your sign, mailbox or lighting information and we can furnish a specification drawing that can be used for discussion at your next board meeting. All artwork and renderings are done free of charge for our clients unless otherwise specified. High quality images for logos and special characters are required in most cases. For more information on how to submit your order information and artwork visit our Signature Design Service page.

All artwork files can be emailed to us at One of our customer service representatives will contact you regarding your submission and advise if any additional information is needed. Logos and special artwork are preferred in an .EPS or AI. Version 10 format with all characters and text converted to outlines.

Signature Streetscapes aims to ship all our products in 4 weeks or less. Some projects or orders that require custom fabrication or non-standard colors may be subject to a slightly longer lead-time. If your order is time sensitive, call our customer service department regarding shortened lead-times. In most cases we can accommodate our customers’ needs for no additional charge.

Net 30 days upon establishment of credit. When no credit has been established, 100% payment is required with order before production begins. Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted, contact your sales representative for details. Additional charges may apply for Credit Card payments.

Prices are subject to taxes assessed by the state, city or other taxing authority at place of delivery. We must have a sales tax exemption certificate on file for all distributors.

YES! Whether you are a management company, Homeowners Association, builder or developer, we offer substantial price savings to customers that are looking to add new or retrofit existing neighborhoods with our decorative street/traffic signs, mailboxes or custom sign designs. Call us or send us a request for a free quote on your bulk order.

Our Order Acknowledgment form will govern the transaction. Customer’s acceptance will be considered final and binding, unless notification is given within 3 working days of acknowledgment date. Orders with missing or incorrect information will be scheduled for production upon receipt of correct and complete information or approved drawings. Orders held un-entered or unapproved for more than 45 days will be considered and subject to a 15% cancellation charge of the quoted product price for production drawings.


Unless otherwise stated, shipping costs are not included in the price of the item. We can provide you with a shipping quote for the products you require with your quotation or at the time of order. Shipping costs will be added to the final invoice.

Upon receipt of shipment, the customer must inspect for damage or shortage. Claims for damage, concealed or otherwise, must be reported to the carrier and your customer service representative within 5 days of receipt of merchandise. If damaged goods are received, it is important to retain the product, package cartons, and all packaging material in the exact condition as it was delivered until an inspector arrives and completes a damage report. Please call us for more information on contacting the freight carrier and arranging an inspection. All claims for defects, errors, or shortages must be reported to us within 7 days after delivery has been made. Failure to do so shall constitute acceptance and a waiver of any defects, errors or shortages.

Return of material is not allowed without prior verbal or written authorization by a customer service representative. We will provide a Return of Goods Authorization slip and arrange pickup with our carrier. Returned items subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Because all orders are custom made, changes or cancellation may not be possible. However, there is a small window of time after your order has been approved to make any changes or revisions to an order. Call us right away if you have questions or changes on an order and we can advise you on the current status.

The warranty on coatings is 1 year. Our warranty is extended only to purchasers acquiring the product directly from us or one of our authorized dealers. Our obligation is limited to repair or replacement, at our option. We will arrange for all returned shipments at our own cost. No other warranty expressed or implied is granted. We are not liable for any incidental or consequential damages associated with use, removal or reinstallation. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated damaged goods to misuse or improper installation. We warrant our products for uses as designed and represented in our catalogue. Any alternative uses of our finished products will not be warranted if we are not informed of the specific use “prior to production”.