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Printed Aluminum Street Sign Blades

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Reflective street name sign. Constructed from .063" thick aluminum substrate, printed on reflective vinyl for a final thickness of .080". This is the standard street sign thickness for printed street sign blades, and fits all of our classic street blade trims. Double sided.


For specific layout requests please contact Customer Service at 1-800-705-1446. Note: Please check spelling, Signature Streetscapes is not responsible for any spelling errors.

Signature Streetscapes Reflective Street Name Sign Blades

These Reflective Street Sign Blades are manufactured by Signature Streetscapes per US Bureau of Public Roads standards and are in accordance with the Federal Standard Highway Signs Manual. The aluminum substrate base for our street sign blanks is chemically treated to add longer life and weather resistance. Aluminum blanks are covered with reflective material on both sides. Choose from two grades of reflective material (High Intensity & DG3) in five standard highway color options.