If you’re up to the task of gathering information on a decorative signage upgrade for your neighborhood, we’re here to assist you. Follow this guide to gather all the info you need to update street signs and traffic signs in your community.
Signature Streetscapes dives into the process behind custom memorial plaques that are tailored to the specific goals of the customer creating a product that will make a significant impact on families and communities.
Port City Signage, the parent company of Signature Streetscapes, has been featured on How 2 Media’s “World’s Greatest!…”, a television series that profiles the most unique and amazing companies from around the world.
Creative Communities is an article highlighting the character that Signature Streetscapes products provide for homes and communities. Article included in the Modern Home Builder publication in 2018.

The 2009 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) has new standards for street name signs. The federal government is requiring communities to update their “all uppercase” street signs to Upper and Lowercase lettering.