Superior Products require
a Signature Finish

Black is our standard finish, but you may also select from an array of colors for a slightly higher price. Signature Streetscapes uses both spray painted wet coat (Matthews Urethane Paint – Pantone System) and powder coat (Tiger Drylac – RAL System) finishes depending on the product being coated. See below for our standard color offering, or specify your “Pantone” or “RAL” color to be matched. For assistance in having your products custom color matched, call our customer service department. We can match almost any color imaginable to suit your needs!

example of black finish color on sign post and decorative sign hanger arm
Jet Black

Tiger Drylac Bengal Black

example of white color finish color on sign post and decorative sign hanger arm
Natural White

Tiger Drylac Bengal White

example of moss green powdercoat finish color on sign post and hardware
Moss Green

Tiger Drylac RAL 6005

examle of soft rubbed bronze powder coat color on sign post and cap
Soft Rubbed Bronze

Prismatic Powder UMB 1326

Custom Finishes

cover of color chart book for powder coat RAL colors

Tiger Drylac RAL powder coat color options provided by Signature Streetscapes.

Download PDF
cover of book for color selector Matthews paint

Matthews wet paint color options including solid colors and metallics, as well as gloss levels.

Download PDF
cover of plascoat PPA 571 coating systems booklet

Information about Plascoat textured powder coat paints including application examples and benefits.

Download PDF
man spraying black paint on custom cast aluminum address plaque

More than Just Paint…

port city architectural signage worker by rack of black painted stop sign frames

…It's an Art

Signature Streetscapes finishes all our products using the highest quality materials, equipment and processes in the industry. Unlike other companies, we don’t keep our finishing techniques and materials a secret from our customers, or competition. We want our customers to know how products are being finished and what coatings we use so they are comfortable in knowing they will receive the highest quality coatings available in the industry. Over the years we have perfected our process with help from Matthews, PPG, Tiger Drylac and other industry experts. Our signs markers, posts and components have undergone rigorous testing in scratch, solvent and salt spray testing facilities. We are confident you will not find a better coating that allows for such a diverse selection of Colors available anywhere on the market today. Signature Streetscapes does it right, without cutting corners or using inferior coatings.

Clean and Prepare


After production is complete all signs and components must be properly cleaned and prepped to accept the finish. Signature Streetscapes uses a combination of solvents and sand blasting depending on the type of product being coated to ensure a clean surface that is ready to accept the primer, paint or powder.

finishing area for cleaning and prepping cast signs
Apply Primer


For wet coating we use premium HVLP spray equipment to apply a thick coat of epoxy primer. This properly prepares the surface to accept the topcoat of urethane paint. For powder coating we use Nordson Spray equipment in our custom designed booth and racking systems. Our high end equipment creates a reliable and consistent coating on all our parts.

worker powder coating empire street sign bases black
Apply Color Coat


Using a 3-part urethane enamel (Matthews Paint System), signs are coated with the appropriate color. Multiple coats may be required depending on the sign type and application. In our powder coating process properly grounded racks and parts ensure an even coating on all parts.

matthews paint system color canisters
Cure in Oven


Once the parts are coated we force cure the paint or powder coating at the appropriate temperatures in our industrial ovens.

powder coating booth and oven
Polish Surface


Dimensional Signs and plaques are satin polished on raised areas to expose the natural brushed metal surface. Signs requiring a painted surface, special colors or hand painting are done either before or after polishing.

worker polishing raised surfaces of cast aluminum sign

Step 6

All parts are cleaned with compressed air or wiped down with lint free cloths to remove any dust or debris from the polishing process. Any polished product that is being wet coated requires the application of Spray Bond Adhesive to promote adhesion between clear coats and the bare metal surface.

cast bronze signs hanging up to dry after clear coat is applied
Clear Coat

Step 7

Signs are coated with a premium clear coat and baked again in our ovens until fully cured. We also use a variety of special formulated clear-coats that inhibit tarnishing on certain metals.

finishing area inside port city architectural signage in Muskegon MI
Quality Inspection

Step 8

Once completely cooled, each sign or component is carefully checked for imperfections before proceeding to shipping.

custom cast logo signs laying on table in quality inspection area

Care Instructions

As signs age they may buildup some residue, especially if displayed out doors. For maintaining and cleaning your bronze and aluminum plaques or custom cast signs, download our care guide.

light gray flourish icon for decoration on lefthand side of text


light gray flourish icon for decoration on righthand side of text

For the highest quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques, contact signature streetscapes. We can help you with a custom designed plaque for a memorial or dedication, as well as address plaques for enhanced curb appeal.

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