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Pinecone Cast Aluminum Finial

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Pinecone theme finial with powder-coated black finish. Fits 3" round (smooth or fluted) post. Can be used with a reducer tenon for 4" posts.

Signature Streetscapes Theme Finials

Made from solid rust proof aluminum. Fits 3" diameter posts, can be used with reducer tenon for 4" posts as well. Add that distinctive touch to your street and traffic sign post. All of our finials are made of solid rust proof aluminum and use stainless steel set screws to secure to the post. Every finial was designed to add both style and beauty to your sign post. Decorative sign posts, bases and finials are used commonly at schools, universities, golf courses, and many government agencies and municipalities. We can even custom design a finial that incorporates your logo or special characters upon request. Every finial is finished with our durable powder coat; custom colors are available upon request.


When mounting Theme Finials (Pinecone, Horse Head, Golf Ball, Pineapple) to a 4" diameter round pole, this 4x3 reducer tenon is required.