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Mini Americana - Cast Aluminum Post Base for 3" OD Round Post

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Mini Americana base for 3" diameter fluted or smooth round post, single piece, black finish.

Signature Streetscapes Decorative Bases

Fits 3" post. Add the finishing touch to your post with richly detailed aluminum bases. Made of solid cast aluminum and powder coated with a durable high gloss finish to match your post. Combined with Signature Streetscapes decorative sign posts and finials they are sure to add distinction to your property or development.

Base Types

Signature Streetscapes casts a variety of decorative bases in two different styles, "Split” and “Solid”.

SPLIT BASE: Easy to install, these bases wrap around new or existing poles and lock together with stainless steel fasteners.

SOLID BASE: Slides over the top of pole and rests on the ground or concrete pad. Bases are locked to the pole with stainless steel set screws.

Bases to Fit Light Posts

If your post requires electrical wiring and an access door you will need to choose a base that works with the lighting posts.

Product Specs

*See description tab for more details


  • Fits 3" round or fluted posts
  • 10" high
  • 10.5" footprint
  • Solid base type*
  • Fits light posts*