Adjustable street-blade hardware. Hardware is shown mounting two signs together for post top sign assembly applications. Hardware is powder-coated black and shown assembling two traffic green reflective street blades.
Adjustable street-blade assembly hardware. Shown powder-coated black.

Product Code: CROSS-512CPFADJ

Adjustable Cross Piece Flat

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Adjustable street-sign coupler powder-coated black. Accommodates flat street signs up to 0.25" thickness. Exclusive locking teeth can be clamped at any angle. The sign coupler can rotate a full 360°. Great for maximum sign viewing for angled street intersections. 

Recommended for street-blade sizes: 18"-30" width.

Signature Streetscapes Street Sign Blades Post Top Mounting

Used to lock two flat aluminum street blades together in an adjustable cross formation. Powder-coated black finish.

Fits signs of up to 0.25" thickness.



(x1) 5/16-18x1" Hex Bolt (stainless steel)

(x1) 5/16-18 Hex Nut (stainless steel)

(x4) Stainless steel set screws


Size:  W:5.5" x H:3.375" x D:2.75"