Up-close view of the base of a 3" Fluted Surface Mount Light Pole
Full view of a 3" Fluted Surface Mounted Light Pole
3 inch fluted post detail view and illustration of profile from the end.
surface mount post diagram

Product Code: SMB-0308-FL

3" Fluted Surface Mount Light Pole

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3" diameter fluted post, 3-bolt surface mount, black finish.

Signature Streetscapes Surface Mount Posts

Signature Streetscapes' aluminum surface mounted posts are constructed by combining solid cast aluminum "Bolt Bases" and our extruded aluminum posts. Our certified welders fabricate each aluminum light post to order before applying a durable powder-coat finish. Each outdoor light pole is custom built to order and can be fitted with a variety of options including photo controls, decorative tenons and more. Signature Streetscapes offers two decorative bases that accommodate this surface mounted light post, the Streetscape and Colonial Base.