Custom Street Signs

Customized Street Signs & Neighborhood Road Signs

Signature Streetscapes manufacturers a variety of customized street signs with decorative posts which add both value and safety to your community. We provide our customers with personalized street sign designs that meet MUTCD guidelines. We can also assist you with creating custom historical street signs.
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Assembly Series Signage System Guide

Want to keep things simple? View our Assembly Series Signage System Guides for common street sign assemblies that will enhance the look of your community and save you time!

Things to consider when creating your customized street sign assembly

Step 1: Select your street sign blade style from the four options below
Step 2: Select a decorative sign post
Step 3: Select a finial cap for your sign post
Step 4: Select a decorative post base (optional)

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Step One: Choose a Decorative Street Sign Blade Style

Select one of four options

Style 1: Classic Blade Trims (Frame)

Classic Blade Trim Street Sign
Most popular Street Sign Blade Style – Classic Blade Trim

Street sign trims are designed to hold 36” x 6” and 36” x 9” reflective vinyl street blades. Each trim is made from a combination of extruded and cast aluminum materials with a decorative profile for a strong and attractive look. Sign trims are a cost effective way to display your street name signs with a frame while maintaining reflectivity requirements.

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Style 2: Post Top Mounted Street Signs

Post top mounted street sign
Classic, decorative, economical design

Create a classic looking streetscape with this economical sign system. Personalized street signs can be assembled in a variety of ways. Decorative cast aluminum finials are also available to add an extra touch of elegance.

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Style 3: Wing Bracket Street Blade Mount

Street Sign Bracket Mount
Economical yet attractive

These street sign brackets are made of solid rust free aluminum and powder coated with any of our standard color options. Large and small brackets are available for a variety of sign sizes. Brackets hold flat .080 or extruded aluminum vinyl street signs; see page 11 for available vinyl sign size and color options. Street sign brackets are also available in a raw “mill finish” if you prefer to finish.

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Style 4: Cast Aluminum Street Blades

Cast Aluminum Street Sign Blades
Upscale signage for gated residential communities. Several designs available, call for a custom quote

Each street sign blade is finished with a three-step urethane coating process that assures long-lasting beauty and service. Signs can also incorporate logos or custom coloring. Reflective glo-bead can be applied to increase night-time visibility. View our “Cast Street Sign Selector” for ideas and options.

View More Cast Aluminum Decorative Street Sign Styles Below

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Style 5: Collar Hanger Arm

Collar Hanger Arm Street Sign Pole
Collar Hanger Arm Street Name Sign

The Collar Hanger Arm fits around a 3” diameter decorative street sign pole and will hold signs from 18” to 42” in length, .22” thick. Add our reflective street blades (see page 11) or reuse your existing signs. Choose from a standard Collar Hanger Arm, or one of four scroll options below to fit your style. Let us help you design your custom historical signs, call us today!

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Style 6: Scroll Bracket Arm

Scroll Bracket Arm for Street Sign PostsThe scroll arm street sign bracket will attach signs from 18” to 42” in length and .22” thick to any round or square sign post. Choose from one of four scroll options pictured below. Ask about our street blade design services, we can help you create an elegant impression in your neighborhood. Standard and custom colors are available.

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Cast Aluminum Street Sign Blade Styles

Step Two: Select A Decorative Sign Post

Direct Burial Aluminum Decorative Street Sign Posts

Our street sign posts are made of aluminum with non-corrosive stainless steel fasteners and finished with high grade powder coat finishes, ensuring your personalized street sign assemblies will continue to maintain an exceptional appearance for many years to come. Designed for use with a direct burial concrete installation, we recommend a minimum 24′-36” of post burial. Size and depth of concrete varies according to local soil conditions and regulations. Concrete foundations should extend above ground level and be larger in diameter than the sign base to prevent damage and ensure the finish will be protected for years to come. Visit our “reference” area to view and print installation instructions for a variety of sign and light pole applications. Custom lengths are available upon request.

Breakaway Street Sign Poles: Signature Streetscapes offers 3” OD smooth breakaway street sign poles, certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. We also have several other breakaway pole designs and hardware options depending on the type of application and installation required. Contact us for more details regarding your breakaway pole requirements.

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Step Three: Select a Finial Cap

Custom Street Signs

Personalize Your Street Sign Finial

A variety of cast aluminum post finials are available to enhance the look of your decorative street signs. Decorative sign post finials are made to fit 3-inch sign poles, but with a converter cap can be made to fit 4-inch poles as well. Signature Streetscapes also has the capability to design custom finial caps that incorporate your logo or special characters. Decorative sign post finials are powder coated to match your sign pole or can be painted a contrasting color to create unique color combinations.

  • Cast Aluminum Ornamental Post Cap Finials
  • Fits 3″ & 4″ Diameter street sign posts
  • Powder coat finish
  • Standard & Custom styles available
  • Standard Gloss Black Finish – call for custom color availability

Cast Aluminum Post Finials for Decorative Street Signs

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Step Four: Select A Decorative Base

Cast aluminum ornamental sign and light post bases
Cast aluminum ornamental post bases serve both a decorative and protective purpose. These rustproof, solid cast aluminum sign post bases are very durable and will protect the base of the post from harm against ground moisture and lawn equipment. A variety of base styles are available to fit both our 3″ & 4″ diameter sign post options. These cast bases come in a variety of designs that can either slip over or wrap around the post. Bases are secured to the post with the provided stainless setscrews that lock the decorative post base in place. Bases can also be manufactured for a surface mount application with Breakaway Bolts, call us for details and prices (minimum order may apply for surface mounted poles).

  • Solid cast aluminum provides a durable classic look
  • Clamshell or slipover base design for easy installation and refinishing
  • Designed for direct burial sign post applications, certain styles can also be modified for surface mount applications
  • Durable powder coat finish

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