New Product Collection: Modern Address Plaques

mid-century modern address plaque with easy-to-read house numbers

Looking to update the entryway of your home or business? Have you considered updating your house number plaque? Replacing your address plaque may be a quick and easy way to increase curb appeal. 

Bridge the Gap between Traditional and Modern Address Plaques

It can seem effortless to find house number plaques to match traditional or historic-style homes, however modern, and mid-century homes seem to be another story. Oftentimes the options available for modern homes are cliche, overpriced, or swing decades into the future style-wise. These options will leave you settling on something you don’t love.

We recognize the importance of offering a traditionally modern house number plaque solution. We have recently added 10 new address plaques to our house number plaque product offering. Our goal is to help you find the perfect solution to your address plaques nightmare. Manufactured by Whitehall Products, these modern house number signs will help bridge the gap between modern and traditional (without breaking the bank, CHA-CHING!).

Modern Address Plaque Finishes

choose from a collection of 7 finish and number colors

Signature Streetscapes has not forgotten you, the Modern Farm House lovers. We see your painted brick, exposed wood beams, and gold or black metal accents and we have raised you with 7 of Whitehall’s most extraordinary finish options. One of these finishes is sure to accentuate your home's overall look and vibe.

Modern House Number Fonts

contemporary address plaques often take on a horizontal shape

The sleek clean lines of your home will pair elegantly with Whitehall’s modern style font displaying your house numbers. The styles are exclusively designed for Whitehall by their highly regarded team of artists. This font will accentuate the crisp contemporary aesthetic of your home without the concern of looking outdated in years to come.

Modern House Number Sizes

inspiration and beauty in this hand crafted modern address plaque

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about functionality. The newly added modern-style address plaques have been designed with 4” tall characters which meet the height requirement for the International Building Code. For optimal visibility from the street, the color of the numbers is in contrast with the finish of the background. This makes it easy for first responders and visitors alike to locate your home or business.

Check out our modern address plaque collection.

One of these contemporary address plaques is sure to accentuate your home or business.

About Olivia Hill

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