Address Plaques: Shapes and Mounting Options for Value and Curb Appeal

bronze address plaque mounted on the side of a house

As a first impression, a well-designed home address plaque attracts the eye of visitors and potential buyers. Long-term, it enhances the visibility and aesthetic appeal of a property and improves its overall attractiveness. Practically, address plaques make it easier for visitors, mail carriers, delivery drivers, and emergency services to locate your home.

You can find premium quality, carefully crafted custom house number plaques at a reasonable price from Signature Streetscapes. For a small investment, you'll enhance the curb appeal of your home or business and feel proud every time you come home.

Basic Shapes

When you shop for an address plaque, there is no shortage of shapes. Vertical, oval, rectangular, square, and round are all popular. What shape you eventually choose often depends on where it will be mounted.

Vertical house number plaques

vertical house number plaque mounted on brick

Vertical address plaques are generally chosen for entryways that are not wide enough for a square or rectangular plaque. Sometimes the style of a home dictates a vertical orientation as well. Signature Streetscapes offers its own vertical cast bronze or cast aluminum house number plaque in six different colors, as well as one by Whitehall which you can order in two different lengths. Choose complimentary colors for the background and numbers, and voila!


black and bronze oval address plaque

Oval plaques are typically mounted near the entrance or on the exterior wall of a home, near the front door or mailbox. You'll be surprised when you start to shop for oval address plaques at how many different varieties there are. Some are wide ovals, some are more narrow, and some have fancy scalloped designs on the top and bottom. Colors offer additional choices on oval house number signs on both background and lettering. Finally, adding the street name or owner's last name makes for an even more personal appeal.

Rectangular or Square

square address plaque made of cast aluminum metal

The rectangular or square address plaque offers the largest selection when it comes to mounting options. They can be wall-mounted near the front door, porch, or garage. Rectangle house number signs are often mounted on the mailbox itself. For properties with a gate or fence, they can be tastefully attached for easy visibility from the road. Finally, the lawn or yard is a prime spot for a house number sign installed with stakes or posts directly into the ground. Colors can easily be coordinated with your surroundings, so be sure to check out the options when you order. You can also customize the size for your special spot.


red and bronze circle house number plaque

Round house number plaques are an eye-catching alternative to rectangular, square, or oval plaques. They are typically used on front doors or exterior walls near the entrance of a home. Sometimes they are attached to freestanding posts or stakes. Round address plaques come in a variety of colors but tend to be smaller in size than other plaques.


In addition to shapes, there are a large variety of address plaque styles, from scalloped to bells to a huge selection of arches that adorn address plaques for a perfect match to their surroundings.

arched top address plaque

When it comes to arches, not all are created equal. Who knew there were so many to choose from based on one basic design feature? In Signature's collection alone, there are more than 5 unique arch types in more than double that number of colors. (add images)

Get your design mind thinking and imagine which design type looks best on your house or property.

Mounting Options

There are numerous places to mount an address plaque on or around your home. From entryways and doors to curbs, mailboxes, or on the lawn there's always a perfect spot to mount an address plaque on your property.

Address plaques for house entryway

It is most typical to see house numbers on address plaques for your entryway. Some are enhanced with a message such as "Welcome to the Johnsons" and might even include a logo representing a type of pet or favorite hobby or sport.

Lawn plaques / Yard address signs

oval shaped address plaque mounted with lawn spikes in landscape

Homes with larger front yards are a top choice to mount lawn plaques and yard address signs, often near the road. Using house numbers or the house number and street name is typical, as is finding a style to suit the home's architecture. And when you shop at Signature, your lawn plaque will feature a resilient finish that stands up to the harshest elements, including salt water.

Mailbox address plaques

address plaque on the side of a mailbox

Add an address plaque to a decorative mailbox and see the difference it makes. Include street name letters, gold flag, finial, corresponding colors, or another unique feature to your custom order. Then watch your neighbors' eyes pop!

Hanging address signs

scalloped shaped address plaque on post mount with lantern and hanging basket

In addition to dual pole-mounted plaques, hanging cast address plaques with a decorative pole, base, and finial attract the personality of many upscale homeowners. Choose complimentary colors and add the street name for even more appeal.


Installation is easier than you think. When installing an address plaque, it's easiest if you purchase a plaque that includes the necessary mounting hardware and instructions. This ensures everything you need is handy and that it fits together perfectly. All of our plaques include predrilled mounting holes and have the appropriate mounting hardware, dependent on your selection. Mounting instructions come with each address plaque and are also available online. No hard-to-understand tips are needed!


In the right instance, a customized home address plaque makes a unique gift for weddings, anniversaries, or holidays--one that lasts for years and years. It is important to know what the recipient's home looks like so your shopping trip results in the right choice of shape, type, and plaque colors. Alternatively, you could purchase a gift card to give the gift recipient flexibility to order what they prefer.

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time to showcase your residence and order a beautiful yet practical address plaque. It is a small investment that's fast to implement and will have you smiling over and over again.

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