Decorative Sign & Light Posts

A variety of fluted and smooth decorative sign posts and outdoor light poles

Commercial Lamp Posts, Decorative Sign Posts & Outdoor Light Poles

Signature Streetscapes offers a variety of commercial lamp posts, ornamental outdoor light poles or street lighting poles, and decorative sign posts for residential and commercial use. All of our superior quality posts are made of aluminum and finished with a durable powder coat finish. These ornamental sign posts and street lighting poles are available in a variety of profile shapes, sizes and lengths depending on your needs. Decorative sign posts can be combined with a variety of street sign and traffic sign options, post finials, and ornamental cast aluminum bases to achieve the classic look you desire. The commercial lamp posts and ornamental street lighting poles can be customized with decorative street light globes, and long-lasting LED street light bulbs, suited to your individual needs. All sign posts and residential and commercial outdoor light poles are available for direct burial or surface mount applications. Breakaway poles and hardware are also available upon request, call for details.

What can decorative sign posts and outdoor light poles be used for?

Select Your Ornamental Sign Post or Light Post Profile & Length

Designed for use with a direct burial concrete installation, we recommend a minimum 24″-36” of post burial. Size and depth of concrete varies according to local soil conditions and regulations. Concrete foundations should extend above ground level and be larger in diameter than the base to prevent damage and ensure the decorative sign post or outdoor light pole’s finish will be protected for years to come. Both 3-inch and 4-inch post sizes are available in a variety of lengths. Download the order form below to view more information on our decorative sign post and commercial lamp post styles. Visit our “reference” area to view and print installation instructions for a variety of sign and street lighting pole applications. Custom lengths are available upon request. All sign posts and light poles are finished in a standard gloss black powder coat finish, additional colors available for a slightly higher price.

Breakaway Sign Poles:

Signature Streetscapes offers 3” OD smooth breakaway sign or light poles, certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. We also have several other breakaway pole designs and hardware options depending on the type of application and installation required. Contact us for more details regarding your breakaway pole requirements.

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Surface Mounted Outdoor Light Poles

Signature Streetscapes’ aluminum surface mounted poles are constructed by combining solid cast aluminum “Bolt Bases” and our extruded aluminum posts. Our certified welders fabricate each light pole to order before applying a durable powder-coat finish. Each pole is custom built to order and can be fitted with a variety of options including electrical access doors, photo controls, decorative tenons and more.

Decorative Post Finials for 3” & 4” Posts

A variety of cast aluminum post caps and post finials are available to enhance the look of your decorative street signs and lamps. Sign post finials are made to fit 3-inch sign poles, but with a converter cap can be made to fit 4-inch poles as well. Signature Streetscapes also has the capability to design custom aluminum post caps that incorporate your logo or special characters. Decorative sign and lamp post finials are powder coated to match your sign post or can be painted a contrasting color to create unique color combinations.

  • Ornamental Cast Aluminum Post Cap Finials
  • Fits 3″ & 4″ Diameter sign and light posts
  • Powder coat finish
  • Standard & Custom styles available
  • Standard Gloss Black Finish – call for custom color availability

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Themed Post Finials for 3” Diameter Poles

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Bases for 3” Diameter Sign & Light Poles

Cast aluminum ornamental post bases for our 3″ diameter sign posts and outdoor street lighting poles are both decorative and protective. They are rustproof, solid cast aluminum, and are very durable. Select one of our unique base styles below to fit both our 3″ & 4″ diameter post options shown above. These cast bases can either slip over (solid base) or wrap around (split base) the post for easy installation. Bases are then secured to the post with the provided stainless setscrews that lock the decorative post base in place.

  • Solid cast aluminum post base provides a durable classic look
  • Clamshell or slipover base design for easy installation and refinishing
  • Designed for direct burial applications, certain styles can also be modified for surface mount applications
  • Durable powder coat finish

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Bases for 4” Diameter Sign & Light Poles

Mini Americana style sign and light post base for 4inch poles

Mini Americana

Height: 10”
Footprint: 9”
Solid Base

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Additional Information

Fluted sign & light post specification sheet