banners on a street post in a city banners on a street post in a city


Standard and Custom Printed Street Banners

We manufacture four arm styles that accommodate a range of banner and pole sizes. We can also provide full color custom printed banners, or choose from a wide selection of “Ready to Print” design options. Some banner arms are available with “Plant Holders” for use when banners are not being displayed.

STEP 1: Select a Banner Type

We offer both ready-to-print (pre-designed) banners as well as custom designed banners. They are a durable, high quality material. If you are looking for stock or custom street banners for events or branding, we can help you.

Ready to Print Banners

There are many stock screen-printed and digital printed banners to choose from. They are printed on a 22 oz. Blockout Vinyl material. Screen-printed banners are extremely durable and come with a 2-year warranty. These banners have been known to have a lengthy life-span and ultimately save you money. The beauty of digital banners is that the design possibilities are endless. All digital printed banners come with a 1-year warranty.

Ready-to-print banners are available in a pre-designed layout. There is an area to imprint text in a predetermined font style. If you would like a different design or font style please see our custom banner options.

custom vinyl banner mounted to street post
Custom Banners

Our in-house design staff can help to bring your banner art ideas to life or we can print something based on an existing design that you like or provide. Custom banner materials include flexible 22 oz. Blockout Vinyl or rigid max-metal aluminum. Rigid max metal aluminum signs are available in any shape in sizes up to 4’ x 8’.

STEP 2: Determine a Banner Size

The type of banner as well as pole height will help you narrow the banner size available. Standard, ready to print banners are available in sizes: 18” x 36”, 30” x 60” and 30” x 94”. A good guide to use for sizing is based on your pole height. For 10’-14’ poles we recommend 18” x 36” banners. 16’-20’ poles look best with 30” x 60” banners. If you have a post over 20’ we recommend larger 30” x 94” banners for best visibility. Custom banners are available in sizes up to 48” x 96”.

STEP 3: Select Banner Mounting Hardware

Whether you are attaching to a post, wall or other surface we have the hardware for mounting your banners. To determine the hardware you need we will need to know the post details or surface that it is mounting to, the size and quantity of banners, and any additional attachment and accessories that may be included.

banner arms and collar hanger arm
Banner Arms

For standard ready to print banners, each single banner requires two banner arms, each pair of banners requires four banner arms. Choose from a variety of banner bracket arm types including: airow rods,
round arms and collar hanger arms. Standard ready to print banner brackets can be broken down based on the size of the banner. Custom banners printed on rigid aluminum require a collar hanger arms.

banner gear bands installed on sign post
Banner Gear Bands

Each single banner as well as banner pairs also requires four gear bands, if not using a collar hanger arm.

manner mounting accessories including brackets and plates
Banner Mounting Accessories

We also offer wall mount plates, pole adapters, tie-down mount brackets, banding rolls and banding tools to help you mount your banners. “Plant Holders” are also available for attaching flower pots to your post or surface.

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We offer a Signature Design Service. This is a free service for current and prospective clients to show our commitment to earning their business and meeting your needs. Email or call us with your requirements. If you have additional questions or specifications call our customer service department at (800) 705-1446 for help placing your order and starting on the conceptual design and approval process. Thank you, we look forward to working with you on your project!