Superior products require a “Signature” finish

Black is our standard finish, but you may also select from an array of colors for a slightly higher price. Signature Streetscapes uses both spray painted wet coat (Matthews Urethane Paint – Pantone System) and powder coat (Tiger Drylac – RAL System) finishes depending on the product being coated. See below for our standard color offering, or specify your “Pantone” or “RAL” color to be matched. For assistance in having your products custom color matched, call our customer service department. We can match almost any color imaginable to suit your needs!

“Prismatic” Powder-coat finishes

Prismatic Powder textured finishes are a unique way to add rich detail to your signage, posts and components. We stock six unique powder options that simulate deep textured Hammertone and vein style finishes and are completely UV stable.

Simulated “Verde” & “Woodgrain” finishes

1. Ironstone Gold – A gold and black contrast with a smooth texture
2. Golden Vein – Copper-gold and black contrast with a smooth and mild texture
3. Ironstone Moss – A forest green and black contrast with a smooth texture
4. Double Green Vein – Light and dark forest green contrast with a smooth and mild texture
5. Black frost – Black and silver contrast with a smooth and mild texture
6. Silver vein – Bright silver with a hammertone texture

“Verde” finishes are hand applied by skilled artisans who create the look of a natural aging process. Signature Streetscapes “Woodgrain” options are achieved with a proprietary process that imbeds graphic designs into the powder-coat for an ultra durable finish.

Woodgrain Options

Verde Finishes

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