How to Upgrade Neighborhood Signage

blue reflective street signs and logo paddle sign with black frames mounted on black square aluminum sign post with decorative post cap

If you’re up to the task of gathering information on a decorative signage upgrade for your neighborhood, we’re here to assist you. Following these simple steps will help you along the way:

STEP 1: Project Scope

Create a simple description of what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, will existing signs be removed? Will all street name signs and traffic signs be replaced? Are any additional signs necessary to complete the project?

STEP 2: Public or Private

Are the roads in your neighborhood public or private? Answering this question will determine whether you need to involve the local municipality in the approval process and if MUTCD sign standards are required for your project. It’s important to seek approval from the municipality prior to moving forward with any signage purchase. NOTE: we typically quote materials that will meet federal standards for height, reflectivity, size, color and breakaway. In the case that your roads are private, you may be allowed to install signage that does not meet federal standards.

STEP 3: Call Us at 800-705-1446

Next step is consulting with a signage expert. Our signage design and planning team will provide consulting help from this point forward. We will help you gather all the necessary information to make an educated decision and whether the project will meet your budget requirements. The following steps will help get you there:


  • Overview map of your neighborhood with marked sign locations.
  • List of street names with quantities
  • Street Name Sign color preference
  • Decorative component preference
  • Street address and contact name for site visit
 (if you need a quote for installation)


We’ll take your input for component selection, color, sign design and develop neighborhood signage that best compliments your home style and budget requirements. We have many example drawings and photos to share for help in determining unique style. We also offer many customization options. From powder coat color and unique mounting options to custom laser-cut pole finials, we can help make your signage distinctive and eye-catching.


Our team will provide a price estimate that includes all necessary signage components and hardware to complete the project. If needed, an installation quote will be provided for a local, licensed and insured contractor to complete installation.


– we will provide elevation and sign view drawings showing all material specifications. You can use the drawings for both internal and external approvals of your board and municipality. Revisions and re-submissions are common and we’ll walk through this process as well.


After approval and down-payment, we will send you an estimated completion date which will help determine when installation of your signage package can begin.


After we packaging your materials, we schedule shipping with a common carrier. Then we send the tracking information for the pending delivery and work with the installer to schedule an installation date.


The installation team will pull the any permits required by your municipality. An installer may request a walk through with a representative from the neighborhood. This will allow for communication of any concerns or necessities to complete the installation.


The local municipality will complete the permit process by approving the project.


Many questions will arise along the way, but always remember, Signature Streetscapes is here to help. We have been through the Neighborhood and Community Signage process many times and for many years, so when in doubt, always ask the question.
Get started by calling us today at 1-800-705-1446 or by by filling out our online quote request form.

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