Designing a Neighborhood: Sign Assembly Options for Architectural Styles

different styles of street sign post assemblies

New residential land development projects are engineered to include many details. All design aspects, from the house style to the landscaping, are created to sell as quickly as possible once the build is finalized. New home buyers are looking for neighborhood aesthetics that match the feel of the surrounding environment and geographic location.

Signature Streetscapes has packaged some of the most upscale architectural design styles together to make it easy for land developers, property managers, and Homeowners Associations to choose the perfect signage for their community projects. We formed sign assembly series’ to help with the design and planning process for major community development builds.

Empire Series

Architectural Styles: Craftsman, Contemporary, Mid Century Modern, Transitional, Ranch

Empire series street sign assembly

The Empire Series sign post and hardware are designed to match a neighborhood with contemporary and craftsman-style homes. The square sign posts and clean, simple Empire post bases fit in beautifully with homes with natural wood beams and sleek lines. Choose from a simple corinthian column finial or a more dimensional Imperial post cap to top the sign post.

Street sign assemblies in the Empire series include a classic street blade frame to continue the clean lines. To add some flare to the street sign, a Hatteras scroll frame would be a great choice. The Hatteras is the most modern of the scroll designs. This series also has a variety of base heights to choose from. You may opt for the 24” high base for shorter sign posts for displaying parking signs, and a taller 36” base for the street and traffic sign posts.

All of the Empire bases fit over a surface-mounted or light post if you require that as a mounting option for street lights. The Thirty-Five West LED Post Top Light would be a perfect lighting solution to match the craftsman-style post assembly.

Americana Series

Architectural Styles: Traditional, Mediterranean, Farmhouse, Cape Cod, Tudor, Cottage

Americana series post assembly with stop sign

When designing a neighborhood to match a more traditional or cottage-style construction, the Americana Series sign assembly is an excellent choice. The Americana series is simple and elegant with a lower height base and slight curves. If the home style is more toward the Tudor or Mediterranean characteristics, including an ornate acorn finial would top off a fluted post perfectly. For a more Traditional or Cape-Cod look, we recommend a smooth post and globe cap to keep lines sleeker.

Depending on the level of lavishness you would like to include in your sign assembly, there are several options for street sign frame decor. The Bellflower scroll trim is the most elaborate, while the Sorrento and Ivy scrolls give off a historical feel and are elegant for a nice decorative touch.

Streetscape Series

Architectural Styles: Colonial, French Country, Cape Cod, Victorian

Streetscape series post assembly with street signs and logo paddle signs

Our Streetscapes Series sign assembly is the most classical looking. The Streetscapes cast aluminum post base is 32 inches tall and includes beautiful dimensional detail in the casting. This is the most popular street post-assembly style for historic downtown architecture as well as neighborhoods with Victorian and Colonial-style homes and buildings. When installed in front of brick buildings and stone-clad front porches, this style sets a tone that takes you back in time.

Pair a fluted post, acorn finial, and Streetscapes base with a Bellflower collar hanger arm bracket. This is the ultimate decorative street sign display that is sure to amaze residents and visitors to your community.

Customizations Available

Customized options for street post assembly designs are available. We had recently assisted a community with customizing the Empire Series assemblies in a white finish for a neighborhood by the water which created an amazing coastal pairing. They also utilized a Streetscape Series in black for a different section of homes in a more historic neighborhood.

Another customization that makes a post assembly truly unique to a specific community is a custom laser finial. We are able to make a post top cap a simple laser cut shape and also customize the color to match your community brand. 

Our assembly series catalogs are available for download, or if you would like to have them in hand for planning you can request a mailing. For pricing on custom finishing and bulk orders, please request a quote

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