Custom Memorials

Custom Memorials

Need to order a plaque for a special occasion, dedication, memorial, or commemoration? Signature Streetscapes offers custom cast metal plaques that work great for indoor or outdoor applications. We have the ability to cast either bronze or aluminum. Both metals offer distinct characteristics and advantages.

Cast plaques are created by pouring molten metal into a mold. Once the metal solidifies the cast plaque will have raised text and graphics making the finished product substantial, solid, and durable.

Bronze vs. Aluminum?

We often get asked which metal a customer should go with. Red Bronze is made of 85% copper, which gives the metal a red/orange appearance when polished. This bronze alloy outperforms most metals in harsh environments. Over time the metal surface will darken and begin to look aged. When the clear-coat barrier eventually wears down, a chemical patina may form on the surface of the marker with a wide range of effects depending on what it is exposed to. This natural patina will enhance the aged look of the bronze and actually further protect the object if left intact. Bronze markers can be refinished and brought back to their original luster for a fraction of the original cost.

Aluminum castings will not rust, but will oxidize over time. Depending on the environment and exposure, castings can develop a white, chalk-like residue, which will affect the finish. It is important to carefully consider all the elements your product will be exposed to before making a final decision. Both bronze and aluminum are superior materials when installed in the proper environment. Aluminum is a less expensive material and weighs about one-third of bronze.

We offer additional elements to help fit the exact needs of your project.

Etched Metal Photo

This process uses a photo-sensitive aluminum sheet, available in natural aluminum or gold-tone. The photos are produced as a permanent image on the plate; this method can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

Alumicolor Photos

Alumicolor technology embeds UV-resistant dyes into the anodic layer of anodized aluminum and has applications limited only by the imagination.

Background Textures

All our plaques are manufactured with a standard pebble texture. Other textures are available upon request. Our other textures include smooth, and leatherette.

Add Your Logo

Provide us with production-ready artwork of your logo or special characters and we can cast them directly into your plaque, no additional charge! Our precision casting process allows for even the finest detail.

Bas Relief Sculpture

The ultimate in premium photo or graphic reproduction. No other process can create the same rich detail our artists achieve by hand carving bas relief patterns. Once completed, a sand mold is made to cast a metal version.

Raised Painted

Hand-painted plaques and custom color matching is our specialty. We can paint your plaque to match the exact specifications. Prices are determined by design and color requirements.

Add-Plate Plaques

Let us help you design a plaque that evolves over time. Names are cast on separate plates and added to the primary tablet as needed. Call us with your requirements and we can design it!

Signature Streetscapes was able to help assist a park in Westfield, IN create a memorial that would leave a substantial impact on their community. Check out the story here.

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